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Playstation 4 Blu-Ray disc load times

A friend of mine asked me if the PS4 loaded a Blu-Ray faster than the PS3. Naturally I read this as “Please benchmark the PS4 for load times across a selection of discs and provide data for my own analysis.” sports74.ruCeoec


The reason I read it like that is because Blu-Ray disks require programming, and thus not all disks are created equal buy priligy online. Some have ads, some use the Internet to get additional content, some have no menu at all, and so on.

So, I picked two re-issue discs and three native digital discs (were not converted from film / originally released only on DVD). As a bonus round, I also tried a 3D Blu-Ray which the PS4 currently does not support (meaning I can’t replace my Panny Blu-Ray player yet. Boo, Sony!)

In no particular order:

The Last Starfighter:
14 seconds to load disc (appeared in the PS4 menu)
43 seconds to get to the menu

Shawshank Redemption:
14 seconds to load disc
15 seconds to get to the FBI warning
15 seconds to get to the first WB logo
15 seconds to second WB logo / movie starts with no menu

The Avengers:
18 seconds to load disc
16 seconds to display the avengers logo
10 seconds to language selection menu and to start playing previews (the PS4 displays the pop-up menu to then skip thru – a nice touch).

The Hobbit:
17 seconds to load disc
20 seconds to some disc spinning icon
10 seconds to WB logo
13 seconds to menu

The Hobbit 3D:
17 seconds to load disc
21 seconds to disc spinning icon
10 seconds to disc error

Scott Pilgrim:
14 seconds to load disc
45 seconds to universal logo (a bunch of different loading indicators appeared during this time)
28 seconds to play a comcast ad (yuck!) – Trying to get around the ad was a PITA and no menu displayed to get to me to the actual menu to play the movie.

So on average it’s about 15 seconds to get the disc to load up, and another 50 seconds to a minute to get to something meaningful. That’s on par / a tad slower than my Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player, but I imagine there will be a patch in short order to enable 3D Blu-Ray playback, which will also change these times (better or worse).

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Why a Mac Pro?

I was involved in a lengthy/argumentative discussion about Apple’s Mac Pro and its “validity” as a workstation machine. One of the main arguing points was the price, and that for the price, you were over-paying for Apple’s design which was “silly” for something like a workstation which is just supposed to be as fast as possible.berryjam.ruПлиты многопустотные

So, being an engineer and a developer who has grown up in the “data” world, I decided to build a system to match Apple’s and do a quantifiable comparison. Now, I understand Apple gets much better pricing than I do, as do all the other OEMs, but I wanted to build something so that I could closely match Apple’s systems – I can’t find HP or other high performance workstations that come close to the specs from Apple without spending significant $$$. If you find something that closely matches, feel free to hit me up.

So, on we go then. Here’s my build to match the $2999 price point from Apple. I predominantly use Newegg for hardware, and didn’t stray too far from them in general.

Apple appears to have chosen Ivy Bridge Xeon E5s, specifically the E5-1620V2. This isn’t available from Newegg, but PC Connection has one listed for an estimated street price of $332.02.

Apple will be using DDR3 ECC memory clocked at 1866 MHz. This is also not available from Newegg even though sources dating from 2011 say modules from Samsung have been around a bit. For now, I’ll use 1600 MHz modules from Crucial in the 3 x 4 GB configuration Apple states which run $162.99.

This is one of Apple’s secret sauce things. The E5-1620V2 runs in Socket 2011. Newegg lists no Socket 2011 server-grade motherboards with Thunderbolt, which is typically what goes into a workstation for Xeon-grade hardware. Asus does have a few motherboards with Thunderbolt, but none with Thunderbolt 2, and none that will house a Socket 2011 Xeon. So, I decided to side with the processor, and picked out decent looking and affordable Supermicro motherboard for $319.99.

Another one of Apple’s secret sauce options, PCIe flash storage is mostly in the realm of high-end server hardware, although OC-Z has been bringing a number of more affordable units to market. Newegg thankfully stocks these, so I picked a model that closely approximated Apple’s specs (1.5 GB/s reads & 1.2 GB/s writes). Newegg sells it for $639.99 but is out of stock at the time of my research. The same drive from Amazon is $589.99 so we’ll go with that. It’s important to note that these RevoDrives aren’t easily made into boot drives either, which means we could need another SSD just to boot from.

A third secret sauce; the FirePro D300 is an unannounced model from AMD. So I picked out something that kinda approximates it for $449.99, or just shy of $900 for 2 of them. Note there’s a cheaper version that’s Dual DVI, but we live in the future, right? DisplayPort all the way!

Apple pointed out how much more efficient the new Mac Pro is over the outgoing model. So naturally, I wanted an efficient power supply. I went for an 80 PLUS Gold power supply from Seasonic, who ironically is likely to also supply Apple’s components, for $129.99. I could have spent more on beefier internals / more wattage, but this seemed a good compromise between price vs beef.

Apple’s case and thermal design is nothing short of beautiful. Since we’re arguing for price vs performance though, I went with a reasonable case that everyone loves and should give us enough room for $99.

Some would argue Linux/BSD if you’re doing HPC work, which in this case this would be free. However, much of Apple’s target audience is Video / Animation / Design (ignoring the sizeable iOS and OS X dev communities), and they will need an OS that runs Adobe programs. So, the only alternative to OS X is Windows 8.1 Professional, which for an OEM copy runs $139.99. Yes, I could have picked Windows 7. It’s actually more expensive though because Microsoft is really trying to get people to like Windows 8.

So yeah, I can hear it now. It goes something like – Ha! We saved, like, a little less than 300 bucks (including shipping and tax). Suck it Apple Fanboys!

The problem is, in this configuration, I can’t even be sure the system will boot because of the RevoDrive, and adding a semi-decent SSD boot drive (which you now will have to micro-manage Windows not installing everything to it) and you’ve sucked up most of the $300. Additional caveats include:

Once you add the appropriate amount of fans for cooling, it’s probably louder than the Mac Pro you can try this out. And significantly uglier. And has no lightup back panel. And has no option for warranty support (something workstation purchasers generally go for because workstations are critical pieces of equipment).

In closing, I think the Mac Pro is probably Apple’s best attempt yet at closing the price gap with standard Wintel machines. And it does it looking, sounding, and performing better while at it.

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Day 1 Review of Google Glass

Glass SetupLiving in the future is kind of awesome. Wearable computing is one of those things I’ve looked forward to since I initially researched it in college, and now hear I am as part of the Google Glass Explorer program. Being objective about the device is going to be difficult. 🙂ir-leasing.rumountainsphoto

The interface feels good, although if you’re a shutterbug like me you’re going to quickly fill your carousel . Thankfully Glass will act like a camera when you plug them into a computer (unlike my Nexus 4) so you can manage photos.

I’m still playing with different cards, and they all take an unknown amount of time to show up. Google is still working through a bunch of sync bugs between the Android app and the Web interface. I set everything up through my Nexus 4 and the companion MyGlass app, so supposedly I won’t ever have to goto the web interface, but after trying to edit contacts on the phone I will probably do that in the future on the web.

The device itself is lighter than I expected, more comfortable than I expected, but also more “in your face” than I expected. It definitely takes some getting used to having it sitting there just above my horizon line.

I also am getting my fair share of strange looks. I opted for the cyan/blue model, so I expected that a bit. While I was ingressing a group of teenagers walked by and said “Is that Google Glass??” And I didn’t realize they were asking me for a second, but then responded “Yup!” They then said “How is it?” to when I responded “Awesome!”

Their final query as they were walking away down the block went something like “Then why are you still using your phone?” I chose not to yell “Because I play ingress and I’m in NYC!” because that wouldn’t have made much sense, but it does raise a good point.

So fair Glass is very focused around sharing photos and videos. There’s no way to compose an email, or write a text post to any of the social networks it supports. I imagine that will change as the Explorer program progresses, but for now I still need my phone for more than just its cellular modem.

Overall I’m really liking it so far, even if the battery is very quick to drain under medium-to-hard use. I already carry an external battery pack for keeping my phone alive when I’m ingressing, so keeping the Glass up will not be an issue.

I’ll try to keep up posting these to give my initial, granted subjective, impression of Glass over the next 30 days. Stay Tuned!

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Internationalizing an iOS App

We recently launched in Spanish and Portuguese on MeetMe, and I got an opportunity to discuss the process and some of the issues we encountered working to internationalize an iOS application (and backend). Head on over to the engineering blog at MeetMe to see what was entailed – http://engineering.meetme see

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I recently gave a lightning talk at Philly Tech Week with Dallas Gutauckis and Chuck Greb, along with several other mobile developers from the local Philadelphia area. My talk focused around iOS’s localization abilities (and inabilities) and general pointers about localizing mobile apps. Reception seemed good, and overall the entire Mobile Lightning talk went well. I’d love to do another, although 5 minutes is pretty tough to talk about anything and be informative

You can grab the slides here. Feel free to post a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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